The Top 5 Sustainable Companies of 2008

To recognize the achievements of 5 outstanding sustainable companies is measured not just by their contributions to the environment but by how they withstand the challenges that they faced. Challenges in terms of solidarity as a company, innovation and promoting a sustainable future. Sustainable came up with a list of 2008's finest sustainable companies of 2008.

Canon Japan tops the list and reigns supreme in the 2008. President and Ceo, Yoroku Adachi stated that "At the heart of Canon's commitment to the world community is the belief that we are building a better world for future generations." They have built their company on the foundation of oneness for the benefit of the environment. The company boasts a number of environmental and community program that they are supporting. Canon's interest lies in the promotion of environmental awareness and help young people around the globe.

Second from the list is Electrolux, a company from Sweden. Products and services to be part of the sustainable society is an integral part of the company. As one of the top manufacturer of house and cleaning appliance in the world, they have committed themselves of designing products that is favorable to the environment. Meaning, they concerned themselves in reducing the pollution in production as well as disposal of the product. It is not radical as to completely immerse themselves into the production of renewable energy using products but to integrate the environment with their product design is wonderful without disregarding profit.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters ranks third in the SB2008's world sustainable stocks. So what's coffee got to do with environment anyway? Green mountain coffee roasters have all the right to stay where they are. Environment and Social stewardship is the flag bearer of their mission as a social institution. They promote public awareness collaborating with various social organizations that promote both life and the ecology. What makes them stand out is that every employee in this company is given a paid time off to commit themselves to volunteer work in any affiliate organizations of the company.

The Herman miller corporate community has dedicated itself to the creation of a better world. Their mission includes the following; community service, inclusiveness and diversity, environmental advocacy and the health and well being of their communities.

This company has been going on like this since 1980's and has earned this position by living it up and surpassing each and every goal that they set on.

Fifth place belongs to Novozymes, a company from Denmark. Novozymes is world's leading company on bio-technology specializing on microorganisms and enzymes. They have been the world's frontier on utilizing biological solutions in industrial performance in all areas. The company employed the world's diverse resources in developing biological solutions for a clean environment sustainable for future generations.

These companies have showed the people the importance of doing everyone's share in the environment. With a vision of a better future that hails them befitting the title of leaders of their field.

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