Randwick Council Selects Dialogue to Provide Community Text Services

Randwick Council has launched its community text service with the help of international mobile specialist, Dialogue Communications. This service provides local residents with information on Council services ranging from playing field status, local road works, clean up days and events, instantaneously via the Internet or mobile SMS.

Commenting on the launch, Cr Bruce Notely-Smith, Mayor of Randwick City said, “We wanted to provide information to the community that uses the one device we all rely on – our mobile. By opting in via our registration page or texting in a keyword to a mobile number, residents can receive up-to-date information on the availability of sporting fields and notifications on clean up days.

Residents can also report issues, such as potholes and illegally dumped rubbish, to the Council by sending a text.

Using Dialogue’s Mobile Applications Portal (M.A.P) authorities are able to create different mobile campaigns quickly and easily, such as database builder, SMS to email, broadcast facilities, text to screen, and mms messaging to text in images and videos or distribute information or brochures.

Hugh Spear, CEO of Dialogue said, “Our mobile applications allow authorities and institutions to quickly and easily communicate with their communities – whether it be residents or commuters.” He added, “The other advantage is that the portal can be set up quickly, so changes can be made by the authorities without a large investment of time or money.”

Dialogue is currently providing community text services to more than 40 Councils and Police Forces in the UK including the Hampshire Constabulary to provide means for the deaf and speech impaired to report emergencies using text messaging, East Riding of Yorkshire Council for the reporting of benefit fraud and East Dunbartonshire for their Youth Community to focus on services that affect them by utilising text messaging.

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