Oregon Janitorial Services Go Green Wtih Daytime Cleaning

Whether in a looming office tower or a sprawling network of business suites, Oregon property managers know the importance of having a clean facility. For years, this tedious job has been entrusted to traditional janitorial companies who arrived after the close of business and worked well into the night. This method got the job done, but it was not very cost-efficient. Having a crew in the facility late in the day meant using electricity for hours on end, a practice which led to excessive energy use and higher bills. Fortunately, the best of today’s Oregon janitorial services have discovered an alternative to the old way of cleaning that may change the future of the industry.

Daytime cleaning is a revolutionary technique that allows janitorial teams to work during peak hours instead of waiting until after dark. Maintenance professionals do most of the cleaning while people are still in the building so that very little additional electricity is used. The facility is already lit, either artificially or naturally through glass panes, so there is no energy wasted in turning on the lights. As for plugged-in appliances, the cost for running them alongside a host of other commonly used electronics is far less noticeable. Property managers also have to consider the well-being of the custodians, which may involve running the heating or cooling systems when they are on the premises. Since everyone is there at the same time with this innovative technique, they will have already activated the air conditioning or heating system for their own employees by the time the cleaning service arrives. In this way, Oregon janitorial services who utilize daytime cleaning have helped to cut yearly energy costs by up to 8 percent in some buildings. Daytime cleaning also reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, which benefits the environment on a global scale.

Skeptics of daytime cleaning have asked, “Won’t the workers get in the way if they clean during peak hours?” Many of them are surprised to find out that the interoffice reaction is quite the opposite. Employees like having janitors on hand and available at a moment’s notice. It keeps the area tidy and decreases the amount of contamination on surfaces and in the air. Having a clean workspace has also been shown to improve morale in most employees, and an on-site Oregon janitorial service plays a vital role in meeting these standards. Furthermore, hiring a company that can work during the daytime dramatically increases building security. Although Oregon janitorial service workers are adequately supervised and possess high levels of integrity, the threat of break-ins and property-theft increases greatly at night. During leaning, doors are constantly being opened and closed in a variety of locations around the facility. This gives uninvited guests much easier access to the facility.

In this era of environmental awareness, property managers must assume a new level of ecological responsibility. Daytime cleaning is a convenient way to improve the operational performance of your building while helping to preserve the Earth’s resources. It might just be the key to revolutionizing janitorial service.

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