Making Money From Leaflet Distribution

This is a business opportunity you can start with very little capital, in fact non at all. You can run this business completely on your own, or you can employ others to do the work.

The question is can you really make money from leaflet distribution? and if so, how much can you expect to earn? and why should you even consider leaflet distribution in the first place? after all there are so many other business opportunities out there.

Let me try and answer those questions.

Firstly I feel that many people possess the idea, mistakenly, that leaflet distribution couldn't possibly make any money, it just looks to simple and uncomplicated. They also consider it's probably hard work, so they just don't see leaflet distribution as a good money making idea.

Due to this viewpoint, leaflet distribution is not only overlooked as a business opportunity, it's also immensely underrated. Most people just don't see it having any real potential.

This couldn't be further from the truth, the leaflet distribution industry is a thriving, and very profitable one. The fact that so many people fail to see leaflet distribution as a good business idea, makes it an outstanding money making opportunity.

Let's take up the hard work aspect of leaflet distribution. The truth is, all new businesses are hard work in some shape or form. They nearly always demand complete hands on in the initial stages, most also require financial outlay, sometimes a significant one; this usually means taking out a loan, or using savings.

Taking out a loan, or using savings to launch a new business tends to cause worry and stress, not to mention the fact that most new businesses, separate from being hard work and needing hard cash, usually don't make a profit, sometimes for several years.

Even worse, most new businesses never make a profit, ever! and end up closing down. This leaves there owners emotionally scarred and, many times debt ridden, with less than happy memories of business life; which is unfortunate.

This makes the simple, and uncomplicated leaflet distribution business, now appear like a good money making opportunity, after all with little or no capital investment required, surely leaflet distribution must be one of the very best new business ideas on the market.

Leaflet distribution might appear hard work to some people, in the initial stages of business life, lets face it the leaflets do have to be delivered, that however is the small price you're paying for not having to make a large financial investment; and having the knowledge that you'll be making a tangible profit from day one.

That all adds up to no worry or emotional stress, which equals an happy business owner.

There's another plus point to setting up in the leaflet distribution business, well two really, Firstly it's a rock solid business idea, it will still be going strong when many other business concepts are either no longer cool, or have been transcended by changes in technology... and secondly because it's a very large established industry, it has real potential for expansion.

The pay back with leaflet distribution comes when you start to employ leaflet delivery people; and if you're ambitious this can happen very quickly. You are then able to relinquish the day to day delivery duties to your employees, leaving you free to concentrate on marketing the business. Life then becomes a whole lot easier, and from then on, you truly start reaping the rewards of your initial hard work.

Turning to the question of how much can you expect to earn from your leaflet distribution business; well, this is all relative to the pricing of leaflet delivery in your locality. I can however estimate the following...

When you start out on a part time basis, you can earn about £150 per week, delivering one leaflet. Still working part time and now delivering two leaflets together, expect £250 to £300 per week.

Full time you can be looking at £300 per week, delivering one leaflet, rising to £500, to £600 per week, delivering two leaflets together. If you where delivering three leaflets together you could be earning £700 to £800 per week.

Once you bring leaflet delivery people onboard the calculations all change, depending on how many leaflets are being delivered at any one time. You may also still be delivering leaflets yourself in the early stages, which would all add to the profitability.

An estimate for each leaflet delivery person employed, delivering four separate leaflets at the same time, would be, £60.00 + profit (can be considerably more) per thousand combined leaflets delivered, after wages have been paid.

One person delivering four separate leaflets together can expect to deliver approximately 1,000 leaflets per day on average. I'll leave you to do your own profitability calculations.

These are only estimated earnings for educational purposes, and there's no guarantee that you can, or will, earn these amounts of money, however I think you'll be able to see that leaflet distribution does show considerable money making potential, especially when you consider that employing twenty and upwards leaflet delivery people can happen quite quickly.

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