Utilities Of A Self Storage Unit

Self-storage units may seem to be a non-utilitarian option. However, when you look at it closely, you will realize the difference they can make to your life. Self-storage unit is the most convenient, secure and cost effective way of storing your belongings. It can be of great help when you move your home or need more space in your existing house. Though many people believe in trashing unwanted stuff, but when something has an emotional value, it is difficult to throw it away. For instance, a collection of photographs, or may be greeting cards or paintings etc. These things may not have monetary value, but they can be close to your heart. Lack of space is no reason to give up on such stuff.

A self-storage unit has multiple utilities. Apart from small articles, you can also store large furniture items in it. So if you have been thinking of renting your apartment and don’t know what to do with the furniture, then it is good to lock it up in a self storage unit. What’s more? You can also park your car in a unit. Yes, this is true. Some self-storage units also offer car-parking facilities. Now, that you know how useful a unit can be, you would surely like to know how to choose the right storage facility.

How To Choose The Right Storage Facility?

Look for the below mentioned features while you select a storage unit.

* Customer service – The support services of a unit should be round the clock. A 24 X 7 access would mean that you could access your stuff anytime. Moreover, polite and courteous staff is always a good sign.

* Transport facility – Look for a unit that offers transport from your home to the location of storage facility. This way, the storage company will take care of packing the stuff and moving it. So you don’t have to hire the services of packers and movers to take your stuff to the storage unit. Moreover, they also provide climate-controlled vehicles, so if you wish to store perishable items or delicate items like paintings on paper, stamp collection etc, it can be transported in special vehicles. Not just that, the storage unit is also climate controlled to avoid damage due to humidity or extreme cold.

* Security measures – Look for safety and security measures of the storage units. After all, you don’t want to lose your valuables. Keeping the entry restricted only for members, biometric systems or card systems is an ideal way of protecting the units from theft. Apart from that, alarm systems, fire protection, natural calamity protection etc are some other factors that should be considered before hiring a unit.

* Location – This is a very important factor. A facility that is too far can be a headache; you will have to drive up to the place every time. Look for a facility that is close to your home or office.

* Charges – A storage unit that is located centrally may charge higher fees, so research well and look for a facility that charges reasonably and offers quality services.

The utilities of a self storage unit are many. It is for you to make the best use of this facility.

Savvy Customers Use Blogs To Locate Moving & Transportation Services

Business blogs of moving and transportation services can help attract customers.

Savvy customers now look for more ways than one to identify the services most suited for them. Real user recommendation is the most powerful marketing. The self storage blogs or moving blogs are places, where people discuss the relative merits and demerits of storage services. In fact, anyone who has used storage or moving services can share his/her experience with the whole world.

Blogs Can Benefit Businesses

People trust people more than they trust companies or businesses. Encouraging your customers to enter positive remarks about your company can help you win the business of savvy internet users. The other side is also true. The whole world will know it if you give less than perfect services to your customers. Specialized blogs targeting shoppers of self storage facilities are now available in large numbers. In fact, most of the self storage facilities in United States remain unoccupied.

Blogs Can Benefit Customers

If you are looking for a self storage facility, you can also benefit from self storage blogs. You can search the whole of blogosphere by entering the name of the self storage service(s) that you plan to use. There will be at least one person who has blogged about the service. You can find what kind of service the customers have received in the past. If you like what you see, you can go for the service. If you think the self storage service charged more than is needed or put unnecessary hindrances, you can move on.

When it comes to storage or moving blogs, you don't have to trust what the business says. You can instead put your trust on people who have received the services. You can then help others by leaving a comment on the service you have used.

How To Comment On Self Storage Facilities

When you are at a self storage or moving related blog, you can share your experiences at the appropriate area. Instead of vaguely telling 'good' or 'bad', tell what kind of experience you have had.

If you don't like a service, briefly describe the problem you faced. It may be delay in picking up or release of the storage containers. The problem can also be charging you for days you haven't used the facilities. Your review can help other customers to stay away from such businesses.

If you have received good services, describe the parts you have liked about them. Is it prompt support, affordable prices or willingness to help you with packing? Tell in detail what you like or dislike about a company. This can also help the businesses make changes so that they can ensure a positive experience for future customers.

Businesses That Ignore Blogs Ignore Customers

Blogs are the places where customers' voices can be heard. Keep in mind that your potential customers are listening to your existing and past customers. It is also a good idea to extend your public relations action to the blogosphere, answering queries by customers and potential customers. It can stop antagonism from growing. It also helps you grow your business. Blogs are the new human face of business. Ignoring this human value is like ignoring the whole of your customers. Thus, moving and storage companies can make better use of blogs as an efficient marketing tool.

ID Supplies Can Open Your Business Eyes

Identification cards and ID badges are everywhere. You cannot walk into a business hardly without spotting an employee wearing one. ID badges and cards play a vital role in the process of security. They make it possible to ensure that access to a business or organization is only granted to those authorized. Regardless if you are part of a large business, small business, organization or school, the ability to immediately identify your students or employees is not to be underestimated. Do not take this little invention lightly. These items are not easy to produce. In addition, obtaining them can be very expensive if you are not very cost effective. If you choose to have these items produced by another company it can definitely get very expensive. That’s why it is no real surprise that more and more businesses are taking up the art of making their own.

There are many benefits to be relished if a company makes the decision to produce their own badges and cards for identification. We have already touched on the one issue of cost. It can be less expensive to make your own. When you have other companies manufacture your badges and cards they will normally want you to order in bulk if you want a discount and be in a position to avoid any penalties for small orders. If you are a small company or organization you may not need a lifetime supply of these items. When you make the decision to make your own you take control of the process. There is no waiting for another company to tell you when they will send it. No shipping costs. Once you have mastered the simple art of producing your own you will have immediate design and quality approval. You can make what you want and what you need in a very short time. However, if you are going to make your own, you will need plenty of supplies.

First off you will need to determine if you want to paper or plastic just like in the grocery store. You can print your cards using paper or plastic. Once you have made this decision than you can look for the identification card printer that best suits your needs. There are quite a few printers on the market and all offer various features. Depending on the size of your business or organization you will want to make sure you have plenty of supplies to cover your operation. It is good to empower yourself with the ability to produce professional and quality badges and cards for your institution. Producing your own identification cards and badges offers you the opportunity to be very creative. You are at the helm of your own process. You can come up with your own designs. Basically, as I mentioned earlier, if gives you control. You don’t have to play by another company’s rules. You are in charge of your own destiny. Having the right ID supplies will open your business eyes.

The Top 5 Sustainable Companies of 2008

To recognize the achievements of 5 outstanding sustainable companies is measured not just by their contributions to the environment but by how they withstand the challenges that they faced. Challenges in terms of solidarity as a company, innovation and promoting a sustainable future. Sustainable business.com came up with a list of 2008's finest sustainable companies of 2008.

Canon Japan tops the list and reigns supreme in the 2008. President and Ceo, Yoroku Adachi stated that "At the heart of Canon's commitment to the world community is the belief that we are building a better world for future generations." They have built their company on the foundation of oneness for the benefit of the environment. The company boasts a number of environmental and community program that they are supporting. Canon's interest lies in the promotion of environmental awareness and help young people around the globe.

Second from the list is Electrolux, a company from Sweden. Products and services to be part of the sustainable society is an integral part of the company. As one of the top manufacturer of house and cleaning appliance in the world, they have committed themselves of designing products that is favorable to the environment. Meaning, they concerned themselves in reducing the pollution in production as well as disposal of the product. It is not radical as to completely immerse themselves into the production of renewable energy using products but to integrate the environment with their product design is wonderful without disregarding profit.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters ranks third in the SB2008's world sustainable stocks. So what's coffee got to do with environment anyway? Green mountain coffee roasters have all the right to stay where they are. Environment and Social stewardship is the flag bearer of their mission as a social institution. They promote public awareness collaborating with various social organizations that promote both life and the ecology. What makes them stand out is that every employee in this company is given a paid time off to commit themselves to volunteer work in any affiliate organizations of the company.

The Herman miller corporate community has dedicated itself to the creation of a better world. Their mission includes the following; community service, inclusiveness and diversity, environmental advocacy and the health and well being of their communities.

This company has been going on like this since 1980's and has earned this position by living it up and surpassing each and every goal that they set on.

Fifth place belongs to Novozymes, a company from Denmark. Novozymes is world's leading company on bio-technology specializing on microorganisms and enzymes. They have been the world's frontier on utilizing biological solutions in industrial performance in all areas. The company employed the world's diverse resources in developing biological solutions for a clean environment sustainable for future generations.

These companies have showed the people the importance of doing everyone's share in the environment. With a vision of a better future that hails them befitting the title of leaders of their field.

Grafdom helps 147 companies migrate

Now customers and Business Partners can take advantage of the enhanced software applications that are to develop and deploy secure platforms, while providing flexible components as business needs alter.

IT firms from the UAE & Qatar have initiated a migration process in synergy with Grafdom to enable its corporate clients to make an efficient transition of their server and web hosting applications. Since the beginning of the year, Grafdom has worked proactively and coordinated with several competitors who have either closed down or are outsourcing certain aspects of their business to minimize overheads and ensure continuity. Grafdom has the expertise to quickly and seamlessly migrate e-business applications and infrastructure from one environment to another.

“In current market conditions, it is vital for business owners to review their operations and strategically align corporate objectives with prevailing trends.” said Brian Jackson, Director of Business Development, Grafdom. “Our competitor alliance initiative facilitates the opportunity for these firms to retain valuable in-house resources, outsource non-core lines of business and ultimately guarantee stability to its clientele. It is a great incentive to help companies leverage our experience and value.”

Grafdom Enterprise Hosting offers businesses a high-performance, ready-to-run operations environment specifically designed for business-critical Web sites, enterprise applications and secure Web Portals. Grafdom’s comprehensive service platform provides Information Technology (IT) departments with extraordinary agility and cost advantages while leveraging the company’s economies of scale, skill and highly automated management and monitoring infrastructure.

To further assist companies make a smooth and rapid transition, Grafdom is expanding its customer service team and offering training sessions to its new clients on its state-of-the-art server solutions and user modules. All Grafdom hosting solutions are supported by unrivaled reach, performance and reliability.

IT companies or corporate clients interested in making the transition can coordinate with Grafdom’s Business Development team in Dubai.

Articles of Incorporation? - The THREE Main Reasons to Incorporate Your Business

Anyone who steps into the sector of business in the Americas, must have come across the term Articles of Incorporation. But what are articles of incorporation? They are simply legal documents that need to be filed with the territorial, provincial, or central government, which underlines the basic working of and the point of your business. This document is mandatory to the process of incorporation.

You can get the form for filing the articles of incorporation of your company from central authority bodies such as the office of the secretary of state of the anxious state. Such offices even have sites, which allow you to download this form, which you can need to include your business. So, thru the lawyers help you'll get to grasp as to the way to file articles of incorporation. It also sets out important details such as the number of directors and the type of shares the company will issue.

So now you may wonder as to why the incorporation of your business is so essential. There are a few benefits to incorporating your business. They are as follows:

1. Limited liability: An incorporated company has limited liability. To paraphrase, an individual share holder's liability is limited to the amount that he/she has invested in the company. In the case of debts, if you're a sole proprietor, your personal assets, such as your home and automobile, might be seized to pay the liabilities. However, if you are a share holder, you cannot of the debts accumulated by the concern, unless of course, you have given a personal guarantee. An establishment However, has all the benefits that an individual has that include the ownership of property.

2. Corporations carry on: Incorporation of a business also ensures its continuance.

3. Whilst they can borrow and attract debt like a standard individual they also have options to sell shares, and raise paper. Customarily stock does not need to be paid back and also does not incur interest. However, issuing shares may lower your possession % In a company.

This is an annual tax credit which is worked out at $16,000 on the 1st $200,000 of the income that is taxable. (At the time of writing this article) this could just be a much lower tax rate than the one applied to your personal income.

Randwick Council Selects Dialogue to Provide Community Text Services

Randwick Council has launched its community text service with the help of international mobile specialist, Dialogue Communications. This service provides local residents with information on Council services ranging from playing field status, local road works, clean up days and events, instantaneously via the Internet or mobile SMS.

Commenting on the launch, Cr Bruce Notely-Smith, Mayor of Randwick City said, “We wanted to provide information to the community that uses the one device we all rely on – our mobile. By opting in via our registration page or texting in a keyword to a mobile number, residents can receive up-to-date information on the availability of sporting fields and notifications on clean up days.

Residents can also report issues, such as potholes and illegally dumped rubbish, to the Council by sending a text.

Using Dialogue’s Mobile Applications Portal (M.A.P) authorities are able to create different mobile campaigns quickly and easily, such as database builder, SMS to email, broadcast facilities, text to screen, and mms messaging to text in images and videos or distribute information or brochures.

Hugh Spear, CEO of Dialogue said, “Our mobile applications allow authorities and institutions to quickly and easily communicate with their communities – whether it be residents or commuters.” He added, “The other advantage is that the portal can be set up quickly, so changes can be made by the authorities without a large investment of time or money.”

Dialogue is currently providing community text services to more than 40 Councils and Police Forces in the UK including the Hampshire Constabulary to provide means for the deaf and speech impaired to report emergencies using text messaging, East Riding of Yorkshire Council for the reporting of benefit fraud and East Dunbartonshire for their Youth Community to focus on services that affect them by utilising text messaging.

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Kiev Hotels Available for Online Reservations Worldwide

Want to find a comprehensive directory for finding hotels across the globe? With nearly 27 languages represented on its website, Hotelein.com provides a global platform to find hotels wherever you desire to travel. With a best price guarantee available as well as the option to pay on arrival, the website provides a directory of hotels in various tourist destinations.

A global hotel reservation website offering Kiev hotels arrangements, unlike any other marketplace such as theirs, hotelein.com provides an easy way to plan visiting the Ukraine. Serving as the premier option to book hotels in Ukraine fast and easily, hotelein.com is an empire when related to hotel online reservations.

For people looking to travel far away, finding a hotel is sometimes the most stressful task. Finding a place that is comfortable as well as safe (and affordable) can be a daunting task. However, after searching hotel reviews, you can also search their comprehensive directory to find the hotels that match as well as their availabilities. Whether wanting to pay instantly and have a confirmation email sent to you or wanting to pay on arrival, a variety of hotel accommodations are provided on this website.

The leading provider of hotel reservations worldwide with online hotel services to corporate businesses, travel agents and the public, hotelein.com gives a wide selection of accommodations when traveling. With nearly 75,000 hotels listed in their comprehensive directory, finding a reasonable place to stay across the world is achievable with the use of their website.

The largest hotel database in the world, this convenient website provides a database search as well as a quick and advanced search option as well. This 110% best price guarantee for more than 22% of their listings makes traveling cheap and easy too. With instant booking confirmation, planning a vacation has never been easier. If you are looking for a stress free and organized way to arrange an overseas vacation today, visit hotelein.com!

Incentive Scheme for Plastic Industry

Indian Plastic Federation (IPF) along with the Plastic Export Promotion Council (PLEXCONCIL) has planned to discuss the sluggish growth of the Indian plastic industry with the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. The agenda of the meeting would be to expand the incentive scheme to the entire plastic industry in India, which is currently dominated by the SME sector and industries such as textiles and leather.

According to Nemish Sayani, Chairman, PLEXCONCIL, “We will firmly recommend the government to provide for industrial plastic scrap imports under the Open General Licence (OGL). Speeding up the process of tax refunds and liberalising the import of industrial plastic scrap will facilitate exports.”

Mr Sayani further said, “Implementation of such a policy will enable Manufacturers in India to make products such as carry bags and other utility goods at rates that would be competitive as compared to those manufactured in Malaysia, Thailand and other Asian regions.”

Furthering the statement of Mr Sayani, KK Seksaria, President, IPF, said, “Our primary concern is to request the government to exempt the imported plastic goods of custom duties. This exemption will largely help in overall reduction of costs involved in the manufacturing of plastic products. We will request the government to intervene in polymer deals and ensure a smooth supply of polymer products.”

In 2007-08, plastic goods worth Rs 16,600.5 crore were exported to the US and UAE markets, which registered a growth of 10%. However, the business witnessed a slump in the last financial year due to the sluggish supply of plastic raw materials, along with a consistent hike in the prices.

Future Watch: The Indian KPO Industry

In the present global climate, outsourcing of all kinds has probably become one of the most important aspects of business. And India of course has become a major hub for offshore outsourcing of all kinds of business processes. India has proven and broken records for its performance and innovative streak in every sector – from art and craft to technological domains.

What with the evolution and maturity of the BPO sector in India, a new wave has also sprung forth on to the global outsourcing bandwagon: Knowledge Process Outsourcing or KPO. The success in outsourcing various business operations to India has encouraged many foreign firms to start with the outsourcing of their high-end knowledge work also. Operational efficiencies, cost saving, improved quality and access to a far more talented workforce are the underlying reasons for offshoring high-end processes to India.

The Indian Potential

For years now there has been a myth doing the rounds that Indian companies can only shell out “software techies”. But this myth of course has now shattered. People are now opening up to the reality – which is, Indian companies are capable of doing almost anything! India has a large knowledge pool, which is filled to the brim with talented and experienced knowledge workers from various sectors like Medicine, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Engineering, Law, Paralegal Content, Education & Training, Analytics, Research & Development, Design & Animation, and even Intelligence services.

This talent is now being tapped into by many of the leading International business firms from all over the world, which has resulted in the outsourcing of high-end business processes to low-wage destinations. Thus, Knowledge Process Outsourcing is the act of offshoring knowledge intensive processes to low wage destinations with specialized domain expertise.

The Future of the Indian KPO Industry

Surveys have shown that the global KPO industry is expected to reach nearly 17 billion dollars by the end of 2010, of which approximately 12 billion dollars worth of business will be outsourced to India. What’s more, the Indian KPO industry is expected to employ an added figure of roughly 250,000 KPO professionals by the end of 2010, as compared to the current estimated figure of 25,000 employees. Predictions have been made that India will acquire nearly 70 percent of the KPO outsourcing sector. Apart from India, other countries like China, Russia, Ireland, Israel and the Czech Republic are also expected to join the KPO industry.

In the last couple of years, more than 30 separate KPO firms have burgeoned in India. Every year, there are additions of at least 2-5 new KPO firms to this figure. Most of these KPO firms get knowledge intensive work from leading industries in the United States, Europe and Japan. Most of these KPO firms have gained in reputation because of the unique services that they provide and because of the unparalleled quality that they have to offer.

What with the need for high-end service projects increasing daily, the KPO industry in India is still in its early stages and in the future we expect to see many more KPO firms in India. The level of competency will increase, in order to attract and retain clients. But there definitely is a bright future for the KPO industry in India.

A business event or a venture celebration - Corporate gifts always marvel everywhere

Human beings today have given a new level of globalisation to the art of business. The aspiration to have a global market
is a globally prevalent feature for business. Therefore, the endeavours that are essential parts of this aspect is one that is achieving a global status with every passing day. Success is, therefore, becoming a highly celebrated feature and, therefore, the situations for giving corporate gifts are increasing in quantity.

The mind is liable to think about the gifts that come under the category that is normally addressed as corporate gifts. In order for an astute solution of this thought, one has to understand that the element of sophistication is essentially the essence of gifts that are given in the corporate world.

A smooth and circular paper weight which has an extremely sober colour can be termed as a corporate gift. However, following a sophisticated and a methodical approach is the hallmark of any endeavour in any business.

Hence, these gifts can be classified broadly under different sections. A typical generalisation would involve many different aspects. One of the most widely used examples would be promotional gifts and another group of examples can be employee appreciation gifts.

These are some of the examples that can be given of all those gifts which have the 'corporate' tag attached to them.

With an increase in the rate of B2C transactions over the Internet, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of websites that deal in the business of selling corporate gifts online.

The pool of options in this category is quite a huge one; however, it is also a dynamic one as well. Its volatility can be understood from the fact that new ideas are always being thought and, therefore, new forms of gifts are always coming into the picture.

The current corporate scenario has to be understood in terms of its global impact. Hence, even a good natured act of giving a gift is now vested with a global outlook. Therefore, the number of occasions in which corporate gifts are given also entail the holding of celebrations of business successes in different places on this planet.

Online Gaming – The Best Time Pass!

Online gaming is an immense strain buster. Gaming unwinds the mind, because one gets wholly occupied in the game. Furthermore, whenever you win a game, it offers adrenaline hurry. Winning a game releases “happy hormones”, and this is an excellent enough cause to elevate your mood. Gaming can increase your level of assurance and assist you forget the world - its problems, and its difficulties. Yes, video games can take you to a diverse planet all together. This fantasy world is free of strain and suspicions. This makes it the excellent approach to escape from the dull and uninteresting life. The feel excellent factor has made video games a hit world over, with people of every age groups indulging in this exciting pass time.

There are lots of online video games, which can be downloaded from the internet. Some of them are free of charge, while others are accessible at a sensible cost. Online games are also accessible in CD’s, which can be installed in the computer. Crave to know the hottest online games that are frenzy all over? Some of the most thrilling games, which can give you adrenaline hurry, are scheduled under:

1. Online Bingo Game – This game is extremely trendy amide every age groups, because it is extremely trouble-free and easy to play. The possibilities of winning this game are extremely high. What’s more? You can win more one time with your bingo cards. There are several online bingo games like, 90 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo and 75 Ball Bingo. Have we puzzled you with too much information? Well, to put it in plain expressions, the player needs to purchase bingo card/s. whenever a number is announced, the player will match it with his/her card/s and if the number equals, you smack the number off on your bingo card. Now, here comes the winning chance. If the announced numbers match with your bingo card wholly, you win a ‘full house’ and obtain the prize money. But, there are other ways of winning, in case you do not obtain a full house; you can win a horizontal or vertical row. Moreover, you can obtain two similar rows and a full house, which signifies you obtain the price money 3 times. This game is very easy to play and can get exciting. Sure, you’ve to purchase online bingo cards for playing this game. Bingo can be played with hundreds of players at a time.

1. Adventure games – If you wish to transport yourself to an unusual world, then adventure games are for you. They can take you to inconceivable destinations. These games too can be played with numerous players at a time and they have an aim to accomplish. They trail an exacting storyline or guide and are very animated to obtain actual life feel. The background, the music and the characters actually personified while playing adventure games. Some games have such a profound impact that people be inclined to dream about such games.

1. casino games – Going to a casino can be extremely costly as you not only necessitate money to play the game, however also for food and drinks. But, if casino games have always enthralled you, then why not play them online. Here, you’ve an alternative to use virtual money or real money. Thus you do not have anything to lose.

Corporate Gifts- 10 Tips to Successful Business gift Giving

Corporate Gifts and even small business gifts sent in a heartfelt manner can work well to firm up business relationships and let clients know they are appreciated. Here are 10 tips to help your holiday business gifts work for you and return holiday cheer.

#1 : Be sure to keep your business client list very updated with the right addresses and contact names.

#2 : Be sure to understand your clients gift giving policies as many companies have a no gift rule . This information should be well highlighted in your contact list. If your company works with government agencies they most likely have a No Gifts policy.

#3 : Give your Gift List to your gift suppliers with any directions you need them to have as early and you can . Most suppliers would like two to three months but will let you make changes up to the mailing date of the gifts.
#4 : Plan carefully your mailing date . It is important Your gifts of food and wine or chocolates arrive before the client shuts down for the holidays. This will allow the gift to be used for the Christmas party or a home party with family and friends.

#5: Personalising the Gift is very important and this is a perfect time to send a personal note. Tell the client how much you enjoyed working with them and how you are looking forward to the new year. The perfect heartfelt note can create new business or close a deal.

#6: A business gift is no time to market or promote your company. Having your logo and marketing promotions on your gift can do more damage that a nice thoughtful gift that the client will remember long after the holidays have gone by.

#7: Gift Baskets _ Still one of the most given business gifts. Try something a little different this year and go with a theme basket. Many good Basket companies will create a gift basket for a golfer or a trucker’s basket for a hauling company. I know that secretaries love a spa basket and remember they are the back bone of most companies.

#8: If you have only one gift to give for a company it is ok to go with the individuals personal interests. Look for a beautiful Bottle of wine and add it to a gift basket. If you want to venture into a specific cultural gift be very careful as many gifts mean different things to other cultures and you need to understand them before giving them their gift.

#9: For corporate gifts to clients you don’t know much about stay with the most widely used gifts. Gift Baskets, Fruit baskets, Food and wine gifts, Gift cards .It is as I said important not to confuse holiday gifts with promotional gifts like mugs, pen sets and calendars. Keep them for promotions threw out the year.

#10: Keep your gift giving reasonable. Don’t buy high value gifts to give as a personal gift. This can cause confusion to the client as to whether it is a gift or maybe you have another motif. Keep the gifts under the $200.00 value for a personal gift. If need be have it sent to the clients home. If you send it to the office remember the staff may see it opened so always keep the gift unique and memorable.

For the Gift recipient:
If you receive a business gift call or acknowledge the gift as soon as possible. This will let the sender know you have received the gift and that the gift was not lost in the mail. As a client of this company you need only reply with a sincere Thank You. You may want to mention something about the gift and how much you enjoyed it. This will keep you on the prefer client list. A business gift does not have to be reciprocated as the sender is thanking you for the year of business.

South Korean Energy Sector Analysis Published

The energy industry in South Korea has reported remarkable growth in the past few decades, says "South Korean Energy Sector Analysis", a new research report by RNCOS. Rapid expansion of manufacturing & heavy industry is the major driving force for the energy industry. However, South Korea is almost entirely dependent on imports to meet its energy demand because of limited domestic energy resources.

In 2007, the country had 96.5% overseas energy dependence. Recognizing its high dependency on external sources, South Korea has been trying to diversify its energy supply by developing new overseas resources. The importance of nuclear power & renewable source of energy is growing to ensure security and diversity of energy supply. Shift from fossil fuels source to non-fossil fuels will also help to reduce the dependence of energy industry on import.

Besides, the government R&D policies & measures coupled with on going liberalization process and energy reforms will open up the window of opportunities in the South Korean energy industry, particularly for renewable energy source.

The report provides a comprehensive research and prudent analysis on the South Korean energy industry. The focus of the report is on petroleum, gas, coal and alternative sources of energy. This extensive research will help clients to identify the market trends and evaluate the leading-edge opportunities critical for the success of the energy market. The report also gives an overview of various factors driving the market.

Our research provides forecast on

- Primary Energy Consumption
- Petroleum Consumption
- Natural Gas Consumption
- Coal Consumption
- Electricity Consumption

Oregon Janitorial Services Go Green Wtih Daytime Cleaning

Whether in a looming office tower or a sprawling network of business suites, Oregon property managers know the importance of having a clean facility. For years, this tedious job has been entrusted to traditional janitorial companies who arrived after the close of business and worked well into the night. This method got the job done, but it was not very cost-efficient. Having a crew in the facility late in the day meant using electricity for hours on end, a practice which led to excessive energy use and higher bills. Fortunately, the best of today’s Oregon janitorial services have discovered an alternative to the old way of cleaning that may change the future of the industry.

Daytime cleaning is a revolutionary technique that allows janitorial teams to work during peak hours instead of waiting until after dark. Maintenance professionals do most of the cleaning while people are still in the building so that very little additional electricity is used. The facility is already lit, either artificially or naturally through glass panes, so there is no energy wasted in turning on the lights. As for plugged-in appliances, the cost for running them alongside a host of other commonly used electronics is far less noticeable. Property managers also have to consider the well-being of the custodians, which may involve running the heating or cooling systems when they are on the premises. Since everyone is there at the same time with this innovative technique, they will have already activated the air conditioning or heating system for their own employees by the time the cleaning service arrives. In this way, Oregon janitorial services who utilize daytime cleaning have helped to cut yearly energy costs by up to 8 percent in some buildings. Daytime cleaning also reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, which benefits the environment on a global scale.

Skeptics of daytime cleaning have asked, “Won’t the workers get in the way if they clean during peak hours?” Many of them are surprised to find out that the interoffice reaction is quite the opposite. Employees like having janitors on hand and available at a moment’s notice. It keeps the area tidy and decreases the amount of contamination on surfaces and in the air. Having a clean workspace has also been shown to improve morale in most employees, and an on-site Oregon janitorial service plays a vital role in meeting these standards. Furthermore, hiring a company that can work during the daytime dramatically increases building security. Although Oregon janitorial service workers are adequately supervised and possess high levels of integrity, the threat of break-ins and property-theft increases greatly at night. During leaning, doors are constantly being opened and closed in a variety of locations around the facility. This gives uninvited guests much easier access to the facility.

In this era of environmental awareness, property managers must assume a new level of ecological responsibility. Daytime cleaning is a convenient way to improve the operational performance of your building while helping to preserve the Earth’s resources. It might just be the key to revolutionizing janitorial service.

Profiting Without Paper

The May 2009 issue of Information Week Canada features an article by Richard Bray called "Pushing paper, right out the door: How an Ottawa company wound up in a paperless place." The article focuses on the pains and successes that OCM Manufacturing experienced during the transition to a paperless office. After their first paper-based attempt at ISO 9000 certification failed and hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper had to be destroyed Michael Julian, CEO at OCM, decided that the second attempt at ISO 9000 compliance
was going to be a lot different, it was going to be completely paperless! Post-transition Julian says "Ask anybody around here, they wouldn't ever want to go to a paper system, in both ISO documentation and in manufacturing documentation."

"The bottom line benefits of eliminating paper have meant money in the bank. Since the paperless push began, OCM Manufacturing has eliminated at least three administrative positions, while doubling in size and doing twice as many transactions. Communication
is improved, because with electronic document everyone is literally on the same page and information is always available to authorized personnel, no matter where they are." – Richard Bray

Some of the motivators for converting to paperless workflow include:

* Increased efficiency - controlling document versions and workflow can give an organization a competitive edge,
* ISO certification - document management is a key piece to ISO certification,
* Controlled internal & external document standards - ensure employees across your organization are using the most recent versions of documents,
* Audit preparedness - the Intelex Document Management System automatically archives old file versions for year-round audit preparedness, and
* Corporate Social Responsibility- environmentally friendlier business practices translate in to social responsibility, consumer loyalty, and cost savings.

Planning a Corporate Event

Corporate events
are essential for any business whether you use them as publicity, social networking, launch of a new product or just a Christmas bash. Corporate events are an ingenious way of getting people together from one or several businesses. With so many influential people in one room the hosting company wants to make an impression and what better way than with a themed event.

Some companies prefer the more traditional corporate function with guests sitting down to a meal and dancing. The attire is usually black tie and is very civilised. Other companies go for a casino style event. This is when the room is decked out with black jack tables, roulette wheels and poker tables. People often don't bet real money but it's just as much fun. Other ways to entertain at a corporate event are things like karaoke. Singing gets everyone going especially when they've had a few drinks. Quiz nights are also very good fun and can double up as a team building exercise too. Another big hit with corporate events are guest speakers. These can range from distinguished people in a specific field to celebrities. Of course not everyone goes for the usual and the more unique the company the more unique the event. A beach style party has been known to go down extremely well as well as theme parks. “It's a knock-out” style assault courses are fantastic fun and can really create a great atmosphere. Businesses want you to be talking about your event for years to come so making a lasting impression is key. Some companies hire event managers to organise these corporate events. This can be a lot easier and less stressful than doing it yourself. The most popular request from a business to a event manager is for goodie bags. These bags contain freebies and samples of products (generally related to the business itself) and some of them even have gifts. The theory is the more expensive the goodies the better off the company is shown to be.

The amount of people that attend a corporate event can range from tens to hundreds. At most venues there isn't enough room for 100 cars so managers take this into account and usually lay on coach hire for transporting their staff from their work places to these corporate events. Hiring a VIP coach is a great way to impress staff. This means that no one gets lost on the way and everyone turns up on time.

So when you next attend a corporate event or you are going to be organising one soon, make sure you research the type of company. Clowns at a funeral directors event will not go down well! Make sure you get a good venue and put on enough entertainment to keep people happy. Ensure the schedule runs smoothly by getting people to arrive on time/all together. Ensure that everyone understands their role and make check lists to keep organised. The most important thing is that everyone enjoys themselves and that the event makes a lasting impression.

Desk Rage: Stressed Out Workers Go Off

Desk Rage: What is it?

With the economy continuing to cause workers to experience increased anxiety due to ongoing downsizing and corporate restructuring, a new phenomenon is taking place with American workers who are being asked to produce more and unfortunately, work for less. This phenomenon is called Desk Rage and is more common than you might think. Similar to other rages such as road rage, “Desk Rage” causes a person to act aggressively, often checking in patience at the office door. According to Dr. John Moore, a behavioral specialist and Chief Executive Officer of Second Story Consultants in Chicago, Desk Rage is a very real problem.

“You have a very toxic mix right now of legitimate job loss fear, increased demands for more worker productivity, and corporations asking its employees to do more with less. When combined, all of these create a difficult, stressful work environment, which is increasingly being expressed in fits of anger and rage.”

Current research

Desk rage is not a topic that gets a lot of attention because companies often do not like to publically address the issue. There is however a 2001 survey of 1,305 workers, commissioned by Integra Realty Resources in New York City, which found that 42 percent of workers surveyed said there was yelling and other verbal abuse in their office. Another 23 percent said they have been driven to tears because of workplace stress and 10 percent said employees have actually resorted to physical violence.

Moore suggests that part of what compounds the problem of desk rage are work environments that have been reconfigured to smaller, more “efficient” spaces as a result of downsizing. “Not only do you have fewer employees doing more work, you have less space in which to do it. I have toured work environments where cubicles are basically stacked on top of one another, with zero privacy. It’s not particularly a healthy environment.”

Are there symptoms?

Warning signs and symptoms of desk rage include:

* Raised voices, often using curse words
* Little patience
* Increased irritability
* Poor work attitude
* Disregard for the feelings of co-workers
* Using a harsh tone of voice
* Engaging in put downs and insults

How to work through Desk Rage

“Losing your temper or going off on a co-worker can not only make matters worse, it can also cause you to become unemployed,” cautions Moore. He suggests the following when you feel that sudden flash of frustration coming on:

* If possible, get up from your desk and go outside. Then take a few deep breaths and use your senses to focus on what is happening in the here and now, such as sounds or sensations. Once you feel a little calmer, then go back to your desk.
* Consider creating a journal that allows you to write down some of your feelings. Pull the journal out whenever you feel the need to let out some of your feelings.
* Take your breaks and lunches, regardless of how much work is sitting on your desk. This means not eating at your desk and reading e-mail during designated break periods. The point here is to get away from the job


Desk rage is a problem that seems to be affecting more and more workers as they try to survive in a difficult economy. If you feel desk rage has become a problem for you at work, consider speaking to a helping professional, such as a therapist or counselor.

Exporters Banking on Government for Relief

Battered by the adverse impact of the global economic deceleration, the Indian SME export sector has been recording poor performance since the last year. Going by the industry projections and prevailing hostile trading conditions, a major turnaround in the dipping export growth curve looks unlikely in the next few quarters. The first two quarters of 2009-10 is anticipated to be challenging for the domestic export sector. Hence, SME exporters are now pinning their hopes on the newly elected government for providing them some relief in the upcoming budget.

Demand of exporters

The Indian exporters have already drafted a proposal, seeking sops in the upcoming budget in order to revive the export volumes. Rationalisation of tax structure and hike in the reimbursement rates tops the recommendation list that has been drawn by the various export organisations in India for the government.

“Tax exemptions including exemption from payment of fringe benefit tax (FBT), exclusion from the payment of service tax, income tax exemption for 5 years and withdrawal of other taxes can ease the burden on the Indian SME exporting units,” commented A Sakthivel, President of the Federation of Indian Export Organisation (FIEO).

Priority to Indian SME exporters

Export associations are also seeking increase in the input duty reimbursement rates under schemes like Duty Entitlement Pass Book Scheme (DEPB) scheme and duty drawback rates to help maintain the competitive edge of the small-scale exporters against their counterparts in neighbouring countries like China, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

“Extension of export incentives and reduction in taxes can ease the recessionary pressures, which have stifled the growth of the SME export sector. In the current scenario, it has become imperative for the government to give priority to the export sector and provide these benefits,” commented OP Agarwal, Chairman of a tea exporting house in Kolkata, AMBO Exports.

Besides meeting industry demands, the government needs to launch initiatives and trade policies that will boost the SME export sector and help it to recover fully from the adverse impact of the economic downturn.

Project Management in a Translation Agency

Nowadays a translation agency experiences an increasing amount of inquiries compared to the past years. This is due to globalization and the increasing use of the internet all over the world, and the added amount of work will require more and more resources in the future. To be able to handle these challenges it is important for the translation agency that an efficient and targeted-oriented project management system is introduced which includes the translation agency’s customers during all stages of the project.

After the customer first contacts the translation agency and sends his original texts, they are analyzed and the further proceeding is discussed with the client. The translation agency then plans the construction of the project in detail and distributes the individual tasks to their staff. It is important that the project manager stays on top of things at any time; he must know exactly what the status of each part of the project is and who the responsible persons are. The employees must be coordinated from a single point so that the whole project remains well-structured. Today this is particularly important because projects can be so large that they keep a translation agency with a dozen workers busy for several weeks. Efficient project management is essential in order to guarantee a successful completion on time – because if the translation agency fails at delivering a project, the consequences for all parties involved can be expensive.

That's why project management and human resource management have such high priority in a translation agency. After the individual tasks have been carried out, the translation agency refers the completed project back to the customer.

Austria Attracting Indian SMEs

Austria, one of the richest countries of the European Union (EU), has strong trade ties with other European nations. In recent times, the Austrian economy has been growing at a steady pace, with its gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate hovering around 1.6% in 2008.

Austria is geographically close to several developed economies in Europe, such as Germany, Italy and Switzerland. It is also a preferred trade destination owing to its optimal access to the European market.

The present Austrian government has outlined a comprehensive economic reform programme to create a business-friendly environment in the country. It has also initiated efforts to strengthen Austria’s position as a lucrative investment destination. Motivated by the steps taken by the Austrian government to increase foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country, a growing number of Indian SMEs are entering the Austrian market to gain maximum profits.

Indo-Austrian trade relations

Austria’s proximity to the thriving EU countries makes it a strategic link for Indian SMEs eyeing expansion in Europe. As a result, bilateral trade between India and Austria has grown at a healthy rate in the past few years. Notably, total trade between India and Austria was pegged at $769.02 million in 2007-08, significantly higher than $587.09 million recorded in 2006-07.

India imports transport equipment, paper, machinery, steel, Chemicals Products and metals from Austria. While India’s export basket for Austria comprises coffee, leather and leather goods, chemicals, textiles, jewellery and precious stones.

Industry Experts believe that there is ample scope for mutual cooperation between Indian and Austrian SMEs in areas like food processing, biotechnology, tourism, steel and pharmaceuticals. Indian SMEs can also forge strategic tie-ups with their Austrian counterparts to gain technical expertise in fields like electronics, nanotechnology and telecommunications.


To promote bilateral trade between India and Austria, governments of both countries have set up a Joint Economic Commission (JEC), which is actively involved in enhancing trade volumes between the two countries. There is also the Austria-India Interest Group (AIBIG) in Vienna that promotes trade ties between Indian and Austrian SMEs.

In 2007, an agreement on science and technology (S&T) cooperation was signed between India and Austria to take the bilateral relations to the next level. These efforts are expected to play a major role in strengthening Indo-Austrian trade relations in the near future.

How to use promotional products effectively

In this writing I will briefly discuss the problems I see with many promotional product campaigns. As a supplier representative for Imark Pen Company, www.Imark-Pen.com, I have the privilege of being part of many advertising campaigns
. It is amazing to me how much money is so ineffectively used by businesses when they buy their promotional products. I have created a small list of a few of the do's and dont's to consider for both the distributor and the corporate buyer as they design their promotions.

Does the product advertise the company?

Recently there was a promotion by a retail store that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a custom product to be used as a gift with purchase. This retail store designed the product themselves in their art and marketing departments. As I looked at the design I realized the product did not have the company name, logo or any other marking that would identify this product as coming from this retailer.

Throughout the years I have seen other companies make the same mistake in other ways. Such as putting their advertising on a piece of paper and inserting it into products or putting a sticker on the bottom of an item.

In all of these examples the end user who is the target of the entire advertising campaign has no reason to remember the company who is actually doing the advertising for any longer than the time it takes to throw away a piece of paper or pull off a sticker.

Does the product reflect well on the company?

I receive requests on a weekly basis for "the cheapest pen I have" or "products in the lowest price-point I can put together". I always know what the follow-up question is after this kind of question. "Can you give a discount off of those prices as well?"

The real answer to all the questions of this type is "Don't spend any money". It would be better to use your money in some other part of the business
than to waste your money.

Is your favorite pen a plastic stick pen? Or, do all the plastic stick pens that you receive along the way end up in the trash or the catch-all pen holder on the desk. Is giving away a cheap item that nobody will want really advertising at all? What was it's advertising purpose? Even worse, if somebody does take the time to look at the logo, does the company appear to be a quality company?

A well designed promotional campaign can be destroyed by a bad quality promotional item. The inverse is also true.

How long will the product last?

One of the main goals of promotional products is to keep the companies logo in front of their target audience. Throughout the years I have had people come into our booth at trade-shows and pull an Imark pen out of their pocket that they purchased over 10 years ago. Now that is what you call getting bang for the buck out of your advertising dollars.

Every year I see companies buy seasonal or Christmas related promotional products. Now how long do you suppose these items will stay in the target audiences possession?

The solution is to give a year round high quality gift and turn it into a temporary seasonal gift. An example would be a nice picture frame. The company logo would be engraved on the frame and a nice Christmas picture would be inserted into the frame. By designing the product in this fashion the target audience now has a nice picture frame that they will keep for the long haul, yet the initial presentation was holiday related.

In closing, I hope this article sparked some ideas for the promotional product professionals to better present products to the business community. I look forward to working with all of you on your many future projects.

Executive Suites: A New Age Business Boosting Concept

Searching for a creative and realistic business solution to fulfill your business goals in today’s competitive world definitely become a reality when you are on a budget; until you find an executive suite in Newport Beach. The environment in Newport Beach is the key factor that attributes to the success of your business. Finding affordable office space is difficult, but there is a good, affordable option to boost your business in Newport Beach without letting go of any of the amenities.

Small business owners who need an elegant, professional, and modern office space close to new business deals, meetings, and clients, will be surprised to learn that flexible leasing options are available to serve you with suites that meet your business and personal expectations.

If you are someone who has been wondering how you will afford to lease office space in a prestigious building at Newport Beach, or how you will be able to meet new clients in a tastefully furnished conference room, or even have a receptionist to greet your clients, and then go ahead and keep reading.

Remember, renting virtual office space or executive suites in Newport Beach is unlike leasing a regular commercial office space, which traditionally have much higher and inhibitive overhead.

The term 'executive suites' compared to commercial office space basically is a different type of office rental plan. This rental plan is quite different from traditional plans with high overhead and long-term contracts. Executive office space in Newport Beach can be rented as per business requirement and as when required.

Core Benefits of Executive Office Space in Newport Beach:

Definitely being part of the business community in Newport Beach is going to change the outlook and shape of your business. You will be amazed to learn about the additional amenities and perks offered with virtual space and executive suites compare to traditional office space. Think and act on this new preposition to generate new name and address for your business in present day world.

Executive office space can provide anything you need for your business, such as furnished offices, internet connectivity and phone systems, fax machines and copiers, and even a receptionist. Best part is that it's all included in the rent! Above all, most executive suite providers are joined together in a network. This means if you need an office or meeting room for a few hours in some other city, it's quickly arranged.

And lastly, it only takes a few minutes to do a quick search on the web for 'Executive Suites in Newport Beach' or 'Executive Office Space in Newport Beach' to find a business destination in the form of a executive suite as per immediate requirements.

Just think, by the same time tomorrow, you could be sitting in a new office that gives you and your business a new name, projecting a prosperous image to new clients.

Eddie Bauer Adventurer Travel System - Makes Travel A Treat!

Ask any new parent
about traveling with a baby and they will tell you what a hassle it can be. Even a quick trip to the nearby store can seem like you're packing for a three-month vacation! Not only do you have to have the baby's diapers and other accessories handy, you also need to pack up the stroller and get the car seat ready. The Eddie Bauer Adventurer Travel System does away with all this and more by combining two of the bulkiest aspects of baby travel - the stroller and the baby seat.

Multi Features

The Eddie Bauer Adventurer Travel System has a wide range of special features that are sure to please both the adults and the little ones. It can easily be folded or set up using just one hand. The seat itself also comes with a number of reclining options including a full-recline position. It also comes with a five point harness system as well as a three-section canopy and a covered window. There is a snack tray for the little one, complete with extra-large cup holder. Parents aren't ignored in this aspect either- there is also a parent tray that is built into the handle of the stroller. This accommodates two drinks and has covered storage space as well.

In terms of safety, the Travel System has a self-locking feature as well as front comfort ride shocks. The wheels on the stroller are both sturdy and safe, with the front wheels having a width of 8.5" while the back tires are 9.5". Full body infant insert can be used with both the stroller as well as the car seat. The Travel System can be used for infants as well as toddlers.

A Long Lasting Option

The Eddie Bauer Adventurer Travel System is not a short-term product- in fact; many customers have found it to be going strong even after four years of hard use. It is the ideal accessory to take along on picnics, outings or car drives. The entire Travel System is also lightweight, despite the fact that it has so many special features. This is especially helpful, since lugging around heavy baby equipment can tire anyone really fast! Apart from that, the apparatus is also easy to clean and fold away when it's not in use.

The Eddie Bauer Adventurer Travel System is also the perfect gift item for people who would like to give new parents a gift they can really use. A lot of new parents might not have the resources to invest in a Travel System themselves - you can be sure that this will be one gift they will really appreciate! Since the car seat has different height adjustments, it can literally grow along with the baby! Not only is it durable and convenient, they won't have to invest in a separate stroller or car seat. If they like to travel, they can take the little one along without having to worry about lugging around lots of heavy baby equipment. The Eddie Bauer Adventurer Travel System makes travel with the baby, a safe and pleasant experience

Industrial Air Make Up Gas-Fired Units

Northern Industrial Co. has developed many types of Industrial Make Up Air Units for larger industrial plants ventilation needs. An improvement in the at industrial facilities environment can produce substantial benefits in terms of increased production, reduced errors, and a decline in complaints and absenteeism among employees.

Air-Handling Units for Make-Up Air and Space Pressurization Applications have the following features:

- Outlet Temperature is usually monitored with a probe mounted near the outlet of the unit.

- Discharge Air Temperature is set at the control panel or using a remote control station.

- Gas input is “modulated” using a butterfly valve, actuator, and controller.

For Space Heating Applications, a room thermostat is used to control outlet temperature. On a call for heat, the unit will provide air heated to the maximum allowed temperature until the room thermostat is satisfied. Once satisfied, the unit will either turn off or will continue to operate at a reduced outlet temperature.

An override option may also be supplied. In this case a room thermostat is supplied in addition to the basic system. The unit is set to full-fire when room temperature falls too low.

Direct Spark units are supplied with an ignition transformer for the igniter.

Piloted Units are supplied with a solenoid-operated Automatic Pilot Valve and a small pressure regulator – around 20,000 BTU – as well as an ignition transformer for the pilot spark igniter.

Pre-purge of the system (by starting the blower for a specified time to provide a minimum air volume change) before ignition of main burner is not required by ANSI code, but is frequently specified by the user. This should be provided whenever a building contains flammable dusts or vapors that could potentially reach and collect within a direct gas-fired unit while it is idle.

To assure safe operation of a direct gas-fired heating system, a number of Safety Interlocks are commonly provided:

A. Damper Limit Switch – Dampers must be fully open before unit will operate.

B. Air Proving Switch – Located near outlet of unit to prove air flow before igniting burner.

C. Flame Supervision – Discussed above. Shuts down unit on flame failure.

D. High Temperature Limit – Signals unit to reduce gas supply when maximum allowable temperature is reached. If air temperature exceeds limit, the unit is shut down.

E. High Gas Pressure Switch – Shuts down unit to protect regulator against spikes in inlet gas pressure.

F. Low Gas Pressure Switch – Shuts down unit when low inlet pressure detected. Redundant safety device, since low flame would also shut down unit.

G. Safety Shut-off Valve – Responds to various inputs listed above – closes off gas supply.

Direct Gas-Fired Air Heating Systems are a class of equipment utilized primarily in industrial and commercial environments to provide for worker comfort. To a lesser extent, these systems are used to condition air for process and finishing applications such as material drying and paint curing.

Direct-fired pressurization units are approximately 93% efficient, with much of the available energy in the burned natural gas being delivered to the space in the form of heat. The supply airstream absorbs the heat that would be normally lost through a flue or vent pipe as in the indirect-fired configuration.

Corporate Gifts – The Brand Image

Corporate gifts must be chosen selected that are in sync with the taste and the utility of the clients. Corporate gifts leave an impression on the minds of all of its receivers, so a careful choice is indeed of great importance. A corporate gift can be either expensive or cheap as well; however, the price factor is governed by the utility and functionality of the gift you intend to pick up.

The theme of corporate gifts surfaced up to mirror the crucial business needs like strengthening the loyalty factor amongst their existing clients and to gain visibility in the market via the same.

Today, there is a wide range of corporate gifts available in the markets for the corporate houses to make a choice from. From the work routine serving items like snazzy desk top clocks, leather bags, passport or visiting card holder to accessories like trendy mugs, wine accessories, pen stand, etc. These are a few restricted budget items though, if one's willing to increase the budget some expensive gifts like a crystal like dinner set can floor the receiver.

Corporate gifts are an expression of gratitude for any corporate house towards their prospects and hence, require no mark on the calendar for their distribution.

Besides, a corporate house can also get these gifts accustomed with their own business logos, so that each time a prospect uses the gift; he/she is reminded of the brand that's sculpted on the gift item. This can be done on various items like the expensive pens, wine openers etc.

There are many suppliers in the market who can help you with a wide range of choice for the exclusive corporate gift items within a restricted budget of yours. Also, these gifts can be accustomed as per your business and the target group needs, as already mentioned above and the arena that must not be ignored while zeroing in on a gift is that of the quality. No matter how much you shrink your budget, quality of the gift mouths about your brand's attention to it.

However, with the growing wine culture, wine accessories like wine glass, wine opener, wine carrier, beer mugs and imported liquors like Johny walker black label, Royal salute are a great hit in the business market these days and are leading the corporate gift race.

GPT - 7 Top Tips to Make Your Business Work Like a Well Oiled Machine

Using the GPT system is a great way to earn some extra cash, increase your sales and even free up some well deserved time. The GPT system is quick and easy and without a doubt one of the better ways to make money on the internet

Here are some tips to ensure you earn the most possible with your GPT efforts.

• Make sure you adhere by the rules. This system is in place for not only you, but your prospects. You can make a LOT of money with GPT - so there's no need to go through and submit the same offer more than once and risk getting your account cancelled.

• Create an e-mail address with a site such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail. This'll be the address you use when submitting offers to GPT sites. You'll avoid spam by doing this, and you'll get the most offers approved.

Besides, many of the survey companies are actually paying for email leads, so if you always use the same email then they won't pay after a while.

Gmail is actually my top choice, because when you use them, you can have one email address but make many different variations of it, so you can use the account much longer than any other service.

Let's say you have an account named "johndoe@gmail.com". When you use this email address, you can also do johndoe.1982@gmail.com, johndoe.lovestoskate@gmail.com, and so forth.

This is totally okay with Gmail and looks like you're using different accounts.

• Take the time to complete your offers correctly, remember they cannot be redone, this will ensure that you are remaining professional and get the deserved attention you are seeking.

• Consider getting a program such as "Roboform". This is a GREAT program that automatically fills out your passwords for you, so you don't need to go through and re-type your information time and time again.

This helps cut your time out by a LOT.

• Once the offer is complete, leave the browser. This helps to ensure that you are paid the offer credits.

• Clear your cookies after each offer that is completed, it is a good idea to do this before each offer as well. It is quick and easy and can be done in your browsers tool security options.

• It is a good idea to do the paid offers, as they will pay sometimes 10 and 20 times more. You can get a prepaid credit card from your local bank or even a department store such as Wal-Mart; this will create more safety for you and relieve you of stress when trying to cancel a charge that should not have been there in the first place. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

As you know, GPT systems work on increasing your residual income and getting you referrals quickly. You can complete as many offers as you want, and with each one, you're closer and closer to getting ahead of your competition and making the money you want.

GPT really is an incredible way to increase your income and your reputation. The ability to easily log on and submit offers one after another is amazing and getting paid is just a bonus.

When you find a great GPT site online, make sure you read their guidelines closely. You want to make sure you can create an account and play by the rules - and at the same time, you want to make sure you're making the most amount of money possible.

Business Phone Systems - An Inevitable Part of Every Organization

Businesses around the world today are fast paced and demand quick access to every single data that is needed. Time has become a very important factor for a business to succeed. In certain businesses, their success or failure seldom depend entirely on their efficiency in managing their time. A lapse of an opportunity may cause huge monetary losses to organizations. The most important factor that all these time management issues in organizations point to is the communication platform within the organization.

Need for a communication system

Communication has become an integral part of every organization since most of the companies and organizations have team work as their main strength of development. This is particularly important for technical companies of the IT and Software industry. Each and every step taken in a product development is communicated between the employees and a failure of the system involved is sure to create huge disorders in and around that company. Hence, most of the companies would prefer to go for a stable and reliable communications platform that would ensure them a peaceful business.

When it comes to communication within a company the major modes are phone systems and email systems. Since the mail systems takes more time and are a bit tedious compared to the phone systems, most workers prefer to go with the latter. Within a few years of introduction, Business phone systems have become the most important part of all big organizations. There are numerous advantages to implement a phone system within an organization the most important one being the reduction in cost when compared to using individual telephony processes. Due to this and the ease to communicate within a network, the phone systems have become a huge hit around the world.

Types of Business Phone Systems

There are four major types of business phone systems namely the VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Key telephone systems, Keyless phone systems (KSU-less) and the PBX (Private Branch Exchange Phone Systems). The most preferred and the most economical phone system is the VOIP system. This is also the most widely available phone system in the world. The VOIP system, which is used by more than 60% of the global organizations, uses an IP network to transfer the voice codes. It uses the internet in most of the cases to transmit voices from one end to the other.

Key Telephone systems and Keyless systems use a direct, point to point, dedicated phone line system within the organization. This enables a one on one communication platform within a network at any time. Since this is very costly to implement, most of the organization do not prefer to go with this.

Major Business Phone System providers

Since the need for business phone systems are always on the rise, many telecommunication systems have grown to manufacture reliable systems. The global leaders in the market, however, are a select few who have been in the top batch for a lot of years. They are Toshiba, Lucent & Alcatel, Cisco, Nortel, Comdial etc. Other companies that are growing in this field are Sony, TalkSwitch, Motorola, Samsung etc.

Seven Points To Remember In Order To Have A Successful Online Business

Because of the success of the Internet, the new comers in online selling business have a steep competition to face. In order to succeed, they must know what products sell hotly online and who are the people buying them. If you think you have found the right product to sell, double check if the product fits your end goal (check if it's a onetime money maker or a long term source of income).

To guide you in your quest for online selling success, remember these following points.

1. Know your customers very well

It doesn't matter if you have the right product on hand, if you don't know your potential market, you'll end up wasting a wonderful product. Study your target customers well because at the end of the day it's your customer who will keep you in business. Ask yourself the following questions:

- What's my customers' demographic?
- What range of income do they have?
- What country and culture do they come from?
- What type of jobs do they have?
- What products are they usually looking for online?

If you have the correct answers to these questions, you can choose the right product to sell. You'll also know how to package and develop your product so that it will never go out of style.

2. Categorize your customers into demographics

It helps if you categorize your customer into different demographics as to age, sex, culture, etc. Male customers may have different opinion about your product than females; and certainly different age groups require different promotional techniques and product offering also.

3. Know what type of websites or online activities your customers are doing

You need to know which online activities your target customers like to do and which websites do they like to browse often. If you nailed this, you can save a lot of money on advertising; you can avoid shouting in the wrong cave.

4. Research a product that can help your customers well

Once you've categorized your customers into different demographics, research a product that would help improve their lives. For example, if you know you have substantial number of elderly customers, develop your product to serve what older individuals need. That is to say comfort and entertainment. Perhaps you can venture on another product such as herbal remedies for arthritis to add to your existing offering. Of course the picture is totally different if you know you have a lot of youth customers.

5. Research a product that suits your customers

Now that you know your customers very well, make sure to offer them products that they could actually use. Give solutions to their problems by providing them products that could take care of it.

An easy way to discover how you can serve your customers better is to ask yourself, "What could my customers' number one problem be?"

6. Provide other products that could complement your current offering

Now that you know the perfect product to sell, research about other products that they might also be interested in. Example, now that you are providing herbal remedies to help the elderly alleviate symptoms of arthritis, perhaps they might also be interested in checking Par D Medicare. Research for the best Part D Medicare provider you can find and introduce their products as an agent to your customers.

7. Check your competitors

Know what your competitors are offering and where are they selling their products. Don't rest your mind if they currently service offline buyers; they could launch their online store anytime they want. Always keep one step ahead of your competitors.

Factory Floor Management Going Virtual

If your business operates in the online realm, you might not think of it as having a factory floor. Whether it's an actual one or a virtual one, however, every manufacturer has a factory floor. How do you get your virtual floor up to snuff? To answer that question we turn to the advice of Managing Automation, which recently addressed the topic in an article titled "Deep Dive: Technology Directions - Building the Digital Factory Piece by Piece."

To stay competitive in today's economic downturn, "companies are starting to take a serious look at the value of incorporating more simulation and visualization into design-to-production processes so that they can see and test production setups before actually making new production investments," the article points out.

This is where "visualization tools that virtualize the factory floor experience" come into play. "The challenge, however, is keeping digital models in sync with the physical world, particularly the plant floor, where change is constant." Businesses that want to overcome this obstacle will want to choose a real-time data collection system utilizing touch screen capabilities. That way, they can oversee WIP tracking, job tracking and factory floor control, labor collection, job sequencing and machine integration, as they occur. They can also enjoy greater visibility to jobs on the floor via an easy-to-install and intuitive push-button touchscreen user interface.

The advantages of such a system are that it embraces ERP to "track the material flow based on purchase orders" and it ties in MES software "to show the status of manufacturing." By leveraging a PC-based system that is completely interfaced with most ERP and MRP systems and by using a drop and drag electronic board and an unlimited set of scheduling rules, an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) and finite scheduling system visually improves the overall sequencing of production (and raw materials).

In particular, an APS scheduling system accurately models the system constraints, integrates with existing software such as ERP and provides an easy-to-use decision support tool for production planners. Unlike wallboards, spreadsheets or simple electronic planning boards, the solutions it offers are interactive, intelligent and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the application. All of these capabilities put digital factory floor managers one step close to virtual synchronization.

New enhancements to such technology are constantly taking place as well.

Some of the latest upgrades include: machine interface software that reads production directly off machines, scales, etc.; the ability to allocate material at any operation to eliminate errors and avoid large material variances; interfacing to bar code label printing software that allows labels to be printed on demand during production runs; new Labor Audit reports that allow supervisors to check for discrepancy in shift data in order to provide easier identification of unusual amounts of "clocked-in" time, time not "on-the-job," operations started prior to the previous operation; and biometric readers that can now be used to "scan" into the factory and jobs.

Although the idea of a digital factory floor sounds like a futuristic concept, a vendor of a real-time data collection system that provides job tracking and factory floor control can "take much of the complexity out of directly integrating product and production models."

Boosting Shop Floor Confidence With Lean Manufacturing Technology

Shop floor managers are taught from early on that believing in themselves is an important trait in their personal success-and in instilling that same belief in their team members. In these troubled economic times, however, self-assuredness won't buy you as much mileage as it used to. At least that's the conclusion of a recent Birmingham Post article titled "Confidence can take those on factory floor only so far."

Citing the case of an expensive, elite British car design that is actually built in Austria and has become "the first vehicle from the luxury carmaker to be made outside the UK," the report ends on an enlightening note:

To some extent the market runs on confidence - whether it's from consumers or from producers - once people start to think things are going to be all right, they soon will be.

But ultimately confidence can take you only so far.

It's all very well talking about the green shoots of recovery; what the people on the factory floor will want to know is when they are going to grow into something.

While they wait out the recession, shop floor managers might want to nip this uncertainty in the bud with a technological confidence booster. A real-time data collection system that provides job tracking and factory floor control can give them the tools they need to maximize their operations-and hopefully keep their manufacturing in house so that their employees don't lose out to lower cost-of-living workers elsewhere in the world.

By helping them get in touch with the factory floor, a lean paperless manufacturing execution system can assist shop floor mangers in increasing performance, delivery time and profitability-and what could be more confidence building than that? Indeed, the factory floor innovation such a system provides can bring about the lean manufacturing measures that are so vital in a global economic downturn.

Lean manufacturing is the key to improving a company's floor performance, its customer responsiveness and, ultimately, its bottom line. Why then aren't more firms implementing such an approach? Because they fail to understand what such an implementation takes.

A real-time data collection system utilizing touch screen capabilities takes the guesswork out of lean manufacturing. In fact, it provides the visible feedback and floor level management...the very foundations for lean manufacturing.

What then can your company do to make the correct moves towards lean manufacturing? One of the obvious, but often overlooked, tools is information from an electronic floor system. A floor information system can help manufacturers move forward with the essential lean concepts of identifying problems, following the flow of parts and measuring changeover times. Today's manufacturing companies have the opportunity to improve on lean concepts with information systems that can be married into a lean process improvement program.

With information systems, the analysis of the factory floor processes and the flow of parts, sometimes referred to as a "current state map," are visibly tracked throughout production. If a company is going to take action to improve the manufacturing process, then why not make the flow process visible and available all day to all of the employees? Therefore, improvement will be continuous...an ongoing goal for both the management and the floor workers-and one that ultimately leads to firm-wide confidence.

Entrepreneurialism - The Reality of Following Your Dream

Entrepreneurialism can sound a frightening word (and that's not just getting the spelling right!) The trouble is that many people assume that entrepreneurs are go-getters of the modern world, the high flying successes with bank balances bursting at the seams, and the Midas touch that turns ideas into gold overnight; they're the people whose bank managers call them up asking for a loan.

The truth is very different. Ask any entrepreneur and they'll gladly put you right, and assure you that nothing could be further from the truth. Many of the common assumptions people associate with independent business owners, or sole traders, are woefully inaccurate, often gleaned from the media's obsession with personal individual success and the American Dream. Let's look at what being an entrepreneur really means, and who these people really are.

Most entrepreneurs are ordinary people like you or me. They are very rarely the high flying successes, flung skywards through their success in the city; in fact, those who already have a successful city career, in what one might term a 'traditional' or 'normal' job are the least likely to step from behind the security of their desk, and brave the world alone. Generally those who do take the initiative are those who are either fed up with the monotony or sheer frustration which can come with many jobs these days, or who have a burning personal desire or passion, a dream they feel compelled to follow.

We all have dreams, hopes and ambitions; entrepreneurs are, in the main, simply those people who have got up from their comfortable office chair with lumbar support and arm rests and stepped outside to do something about those dreams, ambitions and desires. They are, largely speaking, passionate people, with self belief and determination.

But let's consider the next assumption that tends to walk into such a discussion: risk. Most people, at least, most people who have never tried, will happily tell you that starting out on your own, becoming your own boss, and starting up your own business idea is incredibly risky, and that it is likely to cost you a fortune, and that you'll see very little income for years, and even that is assuming you survive long enough to earn anything.

Most of this scaremongering is meant well, but generally comes from those who could never become entrepreneurs because they have no self belief, no courage, and have packaged away their dreams and ambition in a small cardboard box which has been locked away in a filing cabinet in the basement of the office block in which they have willingly becoming imprisoned until released back into society when they retire.

There is risk in anything, as we can readily see today, with the stock market looking gloomy, traders panicking, businesses crashing, and increasing number of people finding themselves out of work. There is no longer such a thing as job security, or a job for life - in any business. Entrepreneurialism is a way of protecting yourself, to a certain degree, by taking greater control over your finances, job and future.

You become the boss, aware of all aspects of your business, and able to make sensible decisions both within your business and your personal life, in full knowledge of the situation, and all relevant factors. Who can honestly say that, while working for a company or business, your boss keeps you fully informed of every possible risk and problem occurring which could potentially jeopardize the future of your job, income or even the company? Very few!

Entrepreneurialism is not risk free - that would be absurd to suggest, but the risks are known, and manageable. You're in control, and that alone can make a world of difference to your peace of mind. Stress is largely down to a feeling that you are not in control; no matter how much needs doing, or whatever the pressure, stress only becomes an issue when we feel over burdened with worries and pressure, and unable to control where we are and what we are expected to do.

If you have a business idea, a hobby you'd like to turn into a home business, a work from home opportunity you'd like to pursue, or a ground breaking product or service you'd like to launch, then running your own business may well be for you, giving you the opportunity to follow your dreams, lower stress, feel in control, and be positive about your future. All you need is a plan, and a dream and, of course, belief in yourself.

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How To Create Instant Internet Income

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The Pursuit of Business Success

There are two things that a business owner should be concerned about: how one can survive in the industry, and how one can sustain day-to-day activities efficiently.

If you focus on these two issues, you will more than likely have an overall business strategy that can rival any successful business even if you are just starting yourself.

It is a fact that as a startup business, you have to challenge every enterprise that is in the industry for many years now. Not only are you looking at big businesses that made it in the Fortune 500 list, but also those that are not that big but are steadily sustaining their own business.

The trick now is to create your business into something that would be different and distinct from those that have been already offered by your competition. The challenge is how you can make your offering better in many ways. This just means that you improve your offer in the most efficient way by providing more than quality services, or distributing better marketing collaterals such as printing notepads, custom notepads, brochures, flyers or even greeting cards.

Creating your own marketing collaterals is the key to surviving in a highly competitive industry. Developing a marketing campaign such as printing notepads or custom notepads that is distinct and above-average quality can help you sustain your existence in your field. In addition, there are so many strategies out there to help you mount an effective marketing campaign.

However, when considering your choice, you have to determine the most important elements that can help you achieve your goals. The challenge now is to focus more on what is important. Do not be waylaid by the things that need to be done urgently. Instead, ensure that you make a priority of those that are more important to achieve your ultimate objective for your business.

To start working on what is important, you need to determine what your objectives are. You can always have the basic goals of having success in your field. However, it would do you a world of good if you can concentrate on defining clearly and further narrowing down your objectives to suit your profile. In order for you to have significant results, you need to consider two things about your business: one is to consider yourself as a leader in your industry and you would like to maintain this position; and two, that you're the weakest link hence, you would want to improve on your position.

When you choose to narrow down your goal, you are more than likely to secure more of your fair share of your market.