Business Phone Systems - An Inevitable Part of Every Organization

Businesses around the world today are fast paced and demand quick access to every single data that is needed. Time has become a very important factor for a business to succeed. In certain businesses, their success or failure seldom depend entirely on their efficiency in managing their time. A lapse of an opportunity may cause huge monetary losses to organizations. The most important factor that all these time management issues in organizations point to is the communication platform within the organization.

Need for a communication system

Communication has become an integral part of every organization since most of the companies and organizations have team work as their main strength of development. This is particularly important for technical companies of the IT and Software industry. Each and every step taken in a product development is communicated between the employees and a failure of the system involved is sure to create huge disorders in and around that company. Hence, most of the companies would prefer to go for a stable and reliable communications platform that would ensure them a peaceful business.

When it comes to communication within a company the major modes are phone systems and email systems. Since the mail systems takes more time and are a bit tedious compared to the phone systems, most workers prefer to go with the latter. Within a few years of introduction, Business phone systems have become the most important part of all big organizations. There are numerous advantages to implement a phone system within an organization the most important one being the reduction in cost when compared to using individual telephony processes. Due to this and the ease to communicate within a network, the phone systems have become a huge hit around the world.

Types of Business Phone Systems

There are four major types of business phone systems namely the VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Key telephone systems, Keyless phone systems (KSU-less) and the PBX (Private Branch Exchange Phone Systems). The most preferred and the most economical phone system is the VOIP system. This is also the most widely available phone system in the world. The VOIP system, which is used by more than 60% of the global organizations, uses an IP network to transfer the voice codes. It uses the internet in most of the cases to transmit voices from one end to the other.

Key Telephone systems and Keyless systems use a direct, point to point, dedicated phone line system within the organization. This enables a one on one communication platform within a network at any time. Since this is very costly to implement, most of the organization do not prefer to go with this.

Major Business Phone System providers

Since the need for business phone systems are always on the rise, many telecommunication systems have grown to manufacture reliable systems. The global leaders in the market, however, are a select few who have been in the top batch for a lot of years. They are Toshiba, Lucent & Alcatel, Cisco, Nortel, Comdial etc. Other companies that are growing in this field are Sony, TalkSwitch, Motorola, Samsung etc.

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